Hey team!

So i've got a little problem that im struggling to work out. I recently bought a new amp (alpine MRX-f65) 4 6x9 speakers (alpine SPR-69) and a new battery. I got them mainly for a massive bush trip with a bunch of mates over new years so we could party on in the middle of nowhere.

I was in a bit of a rush to get the boxes built and speakers wired up before we left so i only ended up only hooking up 2 of the 6x9s.

Here's what i did.
Attachment 68515

It all worked fine for the trip, played loud and most of the time. How ever when i got home i noticed the 6x9s in the boot weren't working so i started fiddling with settings on the amp (the sub amp next to it seems to be working okay, a bit quieter i think from the fiddling not sure what i did, i was pretty hung over...) So the amp is on, the light lights up and it gets a bit warm but there's no movement from the speakers at all. there doesn't seem to be any protection mode indicator lights (although it says it has it).

I have checked the fuses, the RCA leads work (swapped them with the subs amp) i'm pretty convinced that the ground point is solid is there any harm in only hooking up 2 of the 4 outputs without bridging?

Any advice would be appreciated! what should i be looking for?