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Thread: Aftermarket headunit radio - which cable can i use on radio antenna ?

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    Aftermarket headunit radio - which cable can i use on radio antenna ?


    I want to install an aftermarket head unit radio on my BMW E39 touring so i would like to put a new antenna cable cause my old one was removed/cut and cannot be used anymore.

    I would like to know what kind of cable can i use to install a new radio antenna in my touring.

    Can i use a normal coaxial cable like the ones we use at home to watch TV ? I mean its coaxial 50 ohms or what cable is it? Can you give me more info, specs about cables to radio antenna.

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    i dont believe that you can use a normal coaxial cable. it would not matter anyways because if your are going to put in your own aftermarket antenna in they usually come with a good length of cable with them. here is one that you can use what do mean exactly when you say the old antenna was cut/removed. the e39 antennas have a different connector on them so you have to buy an adapter for it to work with aftermarket radios.

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