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Thread: CPJ MIX-Audio Mixer for Car PC and Car Stereo system

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    CPJ MIX-Audio Mixer for Car PC and Car Stereo system

    We are embarrassed when we need to connect car PC and car stereo to the one amplifier.
    We encounter very annoying problems.

    When we connect Car PC audio to the car stereo AUX:
    We lose the 5.1 channel sound.
    The car stereo need to be turned on for car PC sound.
    The PC's internal digital noise problem.
    We can not hear car PC and car stereo at the same time.

    When we connect the car stereo to the LINE IN of car PC:
    The car stereo output level is different from the LINE IN level of car PC.
    The Car stereo internal noise problem.
    The PC need to be turned on for car stereo sound.

    How can we solve these problems?
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    CPJ MIX is an audio mixer for car audio system.
    CPJ MIX receives 2 or 4 channel or 5.1 channel inputs, and it outputs 4 channel and 1 subwoofer channel. You can hear the sound from the car stereo and the car PC at the same time.
    It is suitable for car PC or car stereo system which need to be connected to one set of car audio amplifier and speakers.

    Feature of CPJ MIX
    - Mixes audio inputs into 4 channel and 1 subwoofer channel.
    - Includes crossover LPF(60~180hz) for subwoofer.
    - Controlled by steering wheel controls using Car PC JoyCon Exd’s J2P BUS.
    - Output level selectable between high and low.
    - Subwoofer level and LPF is controlled by steering wheel controls.
    - Each input channel can be muted.
    - Remote signal mixing. (Outputs only the active audio input source)
    - 12v powered
    - Supports max 4 input modules.

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