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Thread: CarPC to Chrysler Factory Infinity Amp

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    CarPC to Chrysler Factory Infinity Amp

    I have a Chrysler 300M Special that I want to put a CarPC into. I want to take out the HU but use the rest of the system. For those not familiar with the Stereo in these cars, it suppose to have nine, yes, nine speakers. 2 on the back shelf, 2 in each rear doors, 4 in the front doors and one in the center of the dash. Anyway what I would like to know is if I can wire my speakers up to 3.5mm stereo plugs and hook them to my Zotac ITX77 C-E MB. I believe its 7.1 sound. SOOO basically it would be this way. Remove HU, connect 3.5 plugs to wiring normally going to HU and then to the stock amp. No, yes......anyone.

    The Infinity ll System includes:
    A 360 watt power amplifier with nine output
    channels, one for each speaker location.
    One 2.5 inch, round single-cone, spatial imaging
    speaker in the center of the instrument panel.
    Two 2.5 inch round, single cone, spatial imaging
    speakers in the lower corners of the front door windows.
    Two 6.5 inch, round single-cone speakers in the
    front doors.
    Two 6 x 9-inch, single-cone speakers mounted in
    the rear shelf panel.
    Two 2.5 inch, round speakers mounted in the
    rear doors.
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