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Thread: Need Help With 5.1ch Audio Setup

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    Need Help With 5.1ch Audio Setup

    I have no head unit in my car. just speakers, amps, and my mobo's audio outputs go straight into amps. that is my configuration. the problem I am having since I set this up is, when I am watching .mkv files(hd or blue ray movies) I get all 6 channels working and it sounds incredible. but, as soon as I put on a music file, or any movie without 6 channel audio, I only get noise out of front right & left speakers. no rear channels, no center channel, and no bass. I am stumped for a solution to this problem. you really would swear there should be some kind of setting I can change from windows 7 environment to make 2 channel tracks play on all 6 channels. anobody come across this problem and reach a resolution? or any ideas on how I can resolve this through software, preferably? ty in advance for any answers/suggestions

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    The music is only encoded for simple stereo, not 5.1 surround like a movie.
    Because of this, you're probably only getting music through the primary stereo channels (front L/R).

    Two solutions, and only one is guaranteed to work:

    1. Check the settings of your music player. There may be a setting to upconvert 2-channel audio to 5.1 audio signal. Not all music players have this capability. Sometimes it's something buried in the driver settings. It may not be possible at all with your setup.

    2. Run simple stereo to a piece of equipment that will separate channels to allow you 5.1 for any audio source. This is the guaranteed fix, and what I run in my truck.
    I've got simple stereo from the PC to an AudioControl Three.1 equalizer and it outputs 4+1. There are others that will output 5.1, which is you want.
    Sorry to say this, but the guaranteed fix is also the most expensive and complex, as it adds more wiring and another piece of hardware to babysit.l

    Good luck, either way.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    You might try one of the 5.1 decoders like Darq suggested.

    I use one in my setup.

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