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Thread: Sub Woofer Choice

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    Sub Woofer Choice

    I need some help picking out a set of 10 inch subwoofers. Here are the highlights that are influencing my choice.

    - 2 separate boxes.
    - boxes are about 1.2 cubic feet each.
    - the depth of the boxs are 9 inch on the outside using 3/4 inch MDF.
    - I am looking for clarity and decent bass not winning stereo competitions.
    - I don't want to blow the bank
    - I am probably going 4 ohm just because of the prices I have compared between 2 and 4 ohms but I haven't decided yet 100%
    - I do not have the amp yet but I am thinking just going with a mono amp and maybe bridging the subs but really if I get the right 2 channel amp that would work fine too

    I was going with a Rockford setup but also looking at some pioneers

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    Non-ported box btw

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    I've heard good things about RE Audio. A couple of RE Audio SEX10D4's should meet the specs you listed about, they are about 125 each at sonixelectronics. You haven't mentioned power requirements, these handle 600rms so might be more than you are looking for. If Pioneer floats your boat, take a look at the Pioneer TS-W259D4 at about half the money & power. Both should fit your boxes.
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