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Thread: Replacing rns-e with nexus 7 in an AUDI S4 B7 (2008)

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    Replacing rns-e with nexus 7 in an AUDI S4 B7 (2008)

    Hi all,

    I am replacing my rns-e with my nexus 7 tablet. I made the box for it and the power converters, haven't tried them yet cause I am stuck with the sound

    I made a headphone jack to 8pin wire to hook up on the c-block of my harness, where the pin out on the rns-e says line out, I did this because I don't have an a-block(???) so I guessed that's where the Bose amp gets audio from the unit. I hooked the cable in and played music on my nexus 7, but nothing... Reading around I guess I have to turn the amp on, but I haven't found anywhere what pin to hook up and what signal to send, any thoughts??


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    I have exactly the same problem trying to use A4 B7 Bose system with a car computer , replacing concert II radio CD . Any help would be very welcome. Thanks

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    the amp gets an on signal from the original radio , you need to figure out what pin it is and put 12V on it


    Found something
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    Thanks :-) :-) it's d13, that much I knew the voltage I didn't :-) :-)

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