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Thread: Security Beeping Issue - Blaupunkt Stereo

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    Security Beeping Issue - Blaupunkt Stereo

    Hi there,

    I took the Blaupunkt PF1a stereo out of my car (to use a beach speaker system), and wired it to a 12V battery (using the Permanent Voltage connection, rather than the "Code 12V" connection, does this make a difference?)

    The Stereo turns on and after entering the radio code it plays music, however there is a constant periodic beeping (every 2 secs) which appears to be some sort of security feature perhaps? This means it is currently pretty much useless, would be really grateful for any advice/knowledge on the issue!

    My thoughts:
    - No aerial in the back could be the issue, took out aerial connection from car and connected it again... no change.
    - Speakers could be the issue, changed speakers, beeping still there.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Not really the forum for this sort of question.

    A CarAudio forum or Blaupunkt specialist forum would probably be your best bet.

    However I may have a suggestion.

    I know my Pioneer HU beeps when I leave the control panel on after turning of the ignition, maybe yours is doing something similar.
    Try wiring the 12v Acc to the 12v+

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    Maybe the12volt can help. That has lots of experienced installers.

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