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Thread: Rear speaker problem, no separation.

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    Rear speaker problem, no separation.

    I have a 06 Toyota corolla and the rear speakers are right next to each other (about 6" apart), killing the stereo effect. I was considering getting 6x9 boxes and setting them on top of the back dash so I can get the separation, but I'm pretty sure putting speakers that large in boxes that small will diminish my sound, mainly the low end, maybe kill it. Right now it has a nice punch, sounds like the drums are in the car.
    when I'm listening, the front has great separation, of course, but everything from the back seems to come from the center.
    I need advice.... Boxes? Is there sum kind of separating thing I can put on the rear deck? Just leave it?

    The system:
    I have a Kenwood head unit with a Clarion eq just for the rear speakers, a 4 channel kenwood amp for front and the rear (crossed over at 30hz+), then a cheap Dual amp for the subs (crossed over at 30hz-). I have infinity components in the front, installed the tweeters in the sail panel (I think it's called that) and 6" in the door. Then in the back I have Kicker components, the 6x9's in the deck and the tweeters mounted above the deck. A pair of Dual 12"s in a non-ported sub box, it has a divider.
    I skimped on the subs, but it puts out down to 15hz crossed over at 30hz.

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    Welcome to the forum! Sorry I can't help you, but wait alittle bit and the audiophiles should chime in soon. Good luck SNO

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    Generally rear speakers in any location ruin the sound stage if you are looking for authentic stereo sound as the artist meant for you to hear it. Having said that, many people prefer the less realistic but full sound of speakers all over the car. There are several different ways to tackle this but IMO, I would just turn the rears way down and leave them where they adding a bit off fill to the sound stage.
    BTW, check your specs on your subs & all speakers, you may find you have them all crossed over at too low of frequency. If so, that will hurt your SQ as well...probably a lot!
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