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Thread: Tablet install amplifier question

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    Exclamation Tablet install amplifier question

    Hi all,

    I'm currently planning out a tablet install, and I've run into a stuck point.

    I'm currently planning on running the 3.5mm audio o/p to a 3.5mm->RCA adapter, then to a 4-channel amplifier for mids/highs (Alpine ktp445u). My question is this: How do I also get o/p to my subwoofer amp without using a 5-channel amp?

    I've looked high and low on this site and others, and can't figure out how to make this work.

    For amplifying information, the main reason I'm planning on going with the ktp 445u is its size. Since I'm installing the tablet vice a traditional head unit, I have all that space in the dash, so I won't need to find a clever place to hide the amp. I really want to avoid a 5-channel amp for the same reason. It'd be big, clunky, and I'd have to find a place to hide it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I use a Clarion MCD360 Crossover. It allows you to put 2 channels in and get 6 out. And you can configure each pair of outs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhornbr225 View Post
    I use a Clarion MCD360 Crossover. It allows you to put 2 channels in and get 6 out. And you can configure each pair of outs.
    Exactly. You'll need to have another piece of hardware in-line to downmix the signal. Crossovers and DACs will do the job. I personally just went and got a 5-channel amp that splits the signal for me. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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