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Thread: HD audio from Nexus 7 to JL XD700/5 amp

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    Question HD audio from Nexus 7 to JL XD700/5 amp

    Hello. I am a noob (with car audio) that installing a Nexus 7 into his truck. Can someone please tell me the best way to get great sound to my 5 channel amp? I know that an Audison BitTenD and an Audison Voce amp would be the true audiophile setup, but I'm hoping for a less expensive solution.

    This is the LAST thing that is holding me up from having a completed build. I have a powered hub so charging/DAC output is not an issue. I know there are lots of ways to get the signal from the tablet to the amp, but I'm trying to get the best sound that I can. If I need to add or take away from this setup let me know. Thanks guys.

    Here is a breakdown of my sound system:
    Vehicle: 2009 Dodge Ram Quadcab SLT
    Tablet: 2012 Nexus 7
    DAC: iBasso D-Zero -
    EQ: Sound Storm S4EQ -
    AMP: JL Audio XD700/5 -
    4Door Speaker System: Focal Polyglass 165 V30 -
    Subs: 2x JL Audio 10W1v2-4 (Tweeters and both subs run off of single channel) -

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    You can use the audio out from your tablet but it is only two channel. You would have to feed it to a crossover to get your subwoofer output or use some other sort of processor.

    Your tablet should have bluetooth out and you could use that but would be the less desirable solution.

    Otherwise if you want to go off your USB you can look for just about any USB sound card. The only issue will be if your ROM recognizes your sound. You MAY also be able to find a DAC that will work as well but I have no experience with a DAC and android. A DAC will have built in crossovers and in some cases time alignment stuff but I have not heard of a DAC that works with Android.


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    Everything on your list looks good, but the DAC you show has a headphone amp in it. You can get a high quality DAC for $59 if you get the hifimediy Saber asynchronous model. 117 db snr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rray View Post
    Everything on your list looks good, but the DAC you show has a headphone amp in it.
    I chose one with a built-in amp so that I could pretty much use it as a pre-amp. Is this a bad choice? Also thank you for your reply.

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