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Thread: Checking audio input in bmw e39

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    Checking audio input in bmw e39

    Hey guys,

    I just recently started to work on my car-PC project and I tried to check the sound first. So, I've removed OEM radio with business CD unit and plugged-in a simple amplifier (4x50w). I tried to apply ~1.3V DC to the amplifier's audio input using AAA battery expecting to hear some cracking sounds in the speakers, but that didn't happen. I've checked that amplifier's DC input is fine and verified there were some DC on audio output as well. Any ideas what else needs to be done to make this simple schema to work?

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    - Pavel.

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    The radio may have connected to and amplifier before finally going on to the speakers.

    In which acse turning on the radio may have turned on the amplifier.

    In which case no radio no amplifier.

    The above could be totally wrong though.

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    Right, the radio actually "controlled" an amplifier and turned it on.
    Basically, I had to connect 12V Ant Out to 12V ACC.

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    Do you have DSP?

    Is it correct, you connected a battery on audio input? Try to connect an audio source.
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