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Thread: Control Gain on Digital output through Computer

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    forgive my ignorance here...

    If you wanted to control switching with your com port, wouldn't you need some kind of a PLC (programmable logic controller) to sense the com port signals and switch things on and off? How tough would it be to customize this? I know it might seem easy to someone in the know, but to a newbie like me, it seems difficult.

    I am actually pretty interested in trying something like this for my Air conditioning controller is why I ask. In my particular car (corvette) the A/C controller receives compressor pressures on the high and low side, and computes cycling of the compressor. I therefore cannot simply remove my AC controller from the dash, since I need its 'brain' to compute that. BUT... With the type of controller you mention, I could hard wire to the switches on the AC controller itself, and just send signals to simulate somone pushing the buttons to adjust the fan, temp, etc...

    Seems like a good ide except what if the computer is down, I would be out AC control. Hmm... I can maybe work around that, but I am putting the cart before the horse here. Hoping you see this Banderon and give me some ideas!

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    i use SPDIF out and its controled via the windows volume

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    Same here, on home pc used to use my sound card's optical output to record to minidiscs and able to change volume through sound card's volume adjustment software. Although, to optical output volume in general is not adjustable stand alone dvd and cd players

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    Okay, Okay.... Post your hardware setups that you got windows controlled SPIDIF Sound working.

    Apparently I can controll the volume of MP3's and Videos (anything that is interprited as Linear PCM) but when it recieves a DD (Dolby Digital) Signal i must use the Gain Control on the head/control unite of my DSP
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