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Thread: Car 5.1 Dsp Options Vs Pc 5.1 Dsp

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    so port, can i use the panasonic unit as my head unit? and control the volume and source from the panasonic unit. also, do you think there is any way i could wire my cd-rom directly to the panasonic rca input by using the analog outputs on the cd-rom that windows no longer uses?

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    I know Really old post but I intrested about this Audiobahn ADD51T. Most sites dont even carry it any more But i have a feeling there going to start to make alot more ( ) every were i look i get the same old picture and the same old discription and thats not really giving me the warm and fuzzys

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoFlaLude
    What about Alpine's PXA-H510 and PXA-H700?
    Ditto. And the PXA-H701?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaCha
    Ditto. And the PXA-H701?
    this thread is like 2 years old
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