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Thread: Stock head unit (ford taurus)

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    maybe you could research on the internet for a hack for CD changer control.
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    just an update case you guys read this and request a diagram, I was laid off last week, so I cant access the system anymore. Its back to Google for you guys
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    i would get rid of the stock hu bondo in a lilliput go from pc to 4channel amp to the factory speakers and add a smaller amp for bass in the rear speakers

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    I think the unit in the rear quarterpanel is just the amp. If you buy one of the aftermarket kits, it comes with a bunch of wire to run from the amp to where the headunit goes, basically allowing you to run headunit speakers out to factory speakers, bypassing the amp. It also extends the antenna wire from back there to the dash. So I guess I just proved myself wrong....if the antenna goes back there, it's more than just an amp.

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    frostband: If you can post a pic of the back of the unit I might tell the type and what you can do with it.
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