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Thread: Active Sub wiring

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    Active Sub wiring

    I have a Blaupunkt HU with a Sub line-out.
    The line out is a single (mono) phono contact.

    I also have two small Blaupunkt/Velocity active subboxes (one under each seat), but the subs have dual (stereo) line-in phono contacts.

    Can I drive both active subboxes from the single line-out contact? Should I use a couple of splitters, and connect the single line-out to both dual line-ins?

    ...or would it be best to just connect to one line-in contact on both subboxes?

    VIA EPIA M9000/120 GB/Xenarc 700TSV/Opus 90W DC-DC
    Haicom GPS/3Com 11g Wi-Fi/D-Link BT
    WinXP/myHTPC/InfoMap Navigator Eu/PhoneControl w/T68i
    Blaupunkt HU & speakers/Velocity active subs/Alpine amps

    Progress: removed while waiting for nano-itx

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    trial and error.....what sounds better?

    Note: Bass is not directional and is not encoded for channels (that is, 2 RCAS carrying bass carry the same signal on each line). Also, couplers usually pick up interference because they are not shielded, so minimizing the use of them would be advised, but YMMV, so give it a shot....

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