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Thread: all you guys with BOSE OEM system please help

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    Well, the most easiest and economic way to do is use the tape adapter like me. I have an 2000 Infiniti QX4, it has a factory BOSE system. The only way i can think of connecting my Carputer (Pentium 733 E-Vectra, 60GB,256RAM,7"Liliput and Delorme GPS) is using adapter. Although it has some noisy when i turn the volume up, you can't actually hear it if the music is on. By the way, get a high quality casset adapter will be much better since mine is a cheaper one that I got few block away from my home.

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    as you may have already learned, the deficiencies of RF modulators are no more than teh deficiencies of MP3, so theoretically, you should have any problems running an FM mod. plus, they are so reasonable, tehres no real reason not to go for it.

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