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Thread: What hardware and software would I need to get a true decibel reading of my system???

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    for the reading to be worth anything the whole end result would need to be calibrated, even if the software is acurate & the mic is good, this is really only good to compare one vehicle or setting to another with the same equiptment....

    it's the calibration that makes the number worth anything....

    most real events use the audiocontrol with an spl pack, higher readings & an spl mic..., or at least they did for years.... not to sure what they use now though...

    I've seen a lot of smaller events that they'll tell you, "oh just add 2 to the number to know the "real" reading"... a lot of meters are not acurate to true readings, but are acurate enough for a side by side comparison...

    if you want true readings you can crudely calibrate it yourself by attending an event with a real meter, & comparing the results to yours...

    that's where the "just add 4 to the number" comes from...

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    a Termlab would get you what you want and then some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    a Termlab would get you what you want and then some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IC-C30 View Post
    but....$$$$'s what I was going to suggest
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