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Thread: Computer audio output thru radio

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    Computer audio output thru radio

    I havent seen anything about this yet, but i ran into a problem with figuring out how to output my audio into my car stereo system. I was faced with geting a new radio with a aux input, until i searched tigerdirect.

    They have this wireless audio link, which uses the power of your USB port (5v), and the output of your computer's audio, then transmits on the lower end of your FM band in stereo, you then can pick up that station on your car radio (or any radio near by!) and listen to it. Works great on mine.

    Thought i'd pass it on, and by the way, paid 30 bucks for it, but they do have it as low as $20.

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    Yeah, but how's the sound quality? I used to use an FM transmitter with a portable mp3 player (Used masking tape to mount it to the dash ) and the sound quality was pretty bad. I don't like FM transmitters much. I would buy a deck with aux input or just get rid of the head unit and buy and amplifier (better route for good sound)
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    I second that. All the experience with FM modulator/transmitters have been negitive, finacky and poor reception

    I am glad you like your product though... Why dont you post a link?
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    Heres the link..

    I see on TD that they do have other transmitters that hook up with CD players (not on that page), but this one that i bought, sounds as good as a radio station. Might be that my antenna is on the back window right above the computer, less than 2-3 feet away. When the computer is not on, i can hear a station in a distance, but when it is on, completely squelches the carrier.


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    i would stay away from anything that has to go through the air. i uses am fm modulator and it wasnt even close to a strong radio station clarity...let alone a direct connection.

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    if your head unit is not high power (floating ground) you might try to run it through your aux input on the sound card. you can then control the volume through the computer. leave the head unit set in the same spot for uniform sound. never have the volume higher on the head unit than the computer.

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    Ik know an FM modulator isn't really that great but with the kit I got from a site in the uk ( ) the sound was resonable.. I'm not saying I have wireless dolby 5.1 digital but it is acceptable and gives me less loss then highly comressed mp3's ;-)

    the thing is most of these modulators go from 50Hz to 10KHz +/- 0.5dB which cuts of a lot of your bass and high tones leaving you with pretty bad sound. Count to that the too low transmission and you got ... well, basically, crap ;-)

    This kit however goes from Response 30Hz to 15KHz +/- 0.5dB and gives acceptable audio quality.. I've been testing it over the weekend and it worked out fine for me with mp3's. this weekend ( as parts are comming in yippie I'll see what it does with my Losless ripped WMA files ;-)

    Eitherway, I had the transmitter in the back and my radio is a bad receiptor but still it was ok with the 50mWatt output.

    It takes up between 9 and 16v so no convertors or power issues straight forward plugin and go. I went for the soldering war but if you are not too sure about that they have the 'done' one aswell..

    As said, I know FM modulators are not THE solution but they are a solution to me not having the extra cash right now for the $350 new car radio WITH aux ;-)
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