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Thread: 2 ohm speakers available?

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    2 ohm component speaker

    was all that google needed to generate some good links

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    Great thanks.

    I appriciate all of your guys comments.

    To continue the thread what is your favorite front stage speakers?
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    I've never had them, but I've heard the mb quarts are the way to go for front stage.

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    Favourite Front stage? In two way set ups and moderate price (which is what I'm running now) - the good MB Quarts (not the cheap ones - and I can't remember the series names these days - they used to have three different levels).

    Three way ultimate set up? Dynaudio System 360 .

    As always - YMMV.

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    Soundstream used to have 2 ohm componets available.......

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    I have a 2 ohm setup...

    I am using Image Dynamics CXS Components. They sound AMAZING, and get VERY loud. 6.5's up front and 5.25's in the back.

    I have a Phoenix Gold Tantrum 600.4 powering them 150 watts per channel at 2 ohms. Perfectly stable, clean, great sound.

    Also have a 12" IDMAX running at 2 ohms off a Phoenix Gold Tantrum 1200.1

    I love PG amps and ID speakers! I got it all at and price matched

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    Back from the dead sorta - someone finally mentioned the Image Dynamics 2ohm set (which yeah, basically EVERYTHING ID makes is great from their ID MAX sub to the IDQ which is fantastic). I myself run the Orion HCCA 6s, which is a 2ohm version of the a/d/s 3 series components (which are AWESOME components), fed off a SoundStream Rubicon 302 (I think... my memory's rusty) @ 150w/channel.

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