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Thread: So i buy an Alpine KCA-121B

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    So i buy an Alpine KCA-121B

    So i buy the converter so i can connect the two head units, but how would i do it.. the ends are the same? or do i need to buy something eles?

    I have never done this, so it makes me look stupied

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    I have no idea what you're trying to do, or have already done. I guess from that part number, you're trying to hook your car PC into your Ai-Net deck?

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    The KCA-121B is so that you can hook up an aux source to your Alpine deck.
    Personally I have the CDA-9815, one of the Alpine decks that do not have RCA AUX in on them, so I also have to purchase this cable eventually (probably in the next month after I finish my exams so that way I have time to complete my project).

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