The good news is that I am almost positive that i woooped that friggen alternator whine.

Once again I ripped my whole system apart and spent countless hours dressing all of the wires and making sure all conections were solid.

What really fixed the alternator whine:
The cause was the DSP. The positive and negative and remote wires were plugged into a wiring harness that went to the original stock stereo. The whine was eliminated when i plugged the positive and negative of the DSP straight into the amp's positive and negative. I then ran the remote wire to the wiring harness (ACC switched)

Also drilled a hole for a new ground connection for the amp. but i think the main cause was a unclean power source.

The Bad News:

During all of the comotion i plugged the lilliput screen in to its power source while the computer was already on (i get the 12v from the OPUS). This crashed the computer and fried my lilliput (i think) I have been testing it and have decided to order another screen. I am majorly bummed 300 bucks down the tube. O well atleast now i have a clean noise free system.

Discaimer. I am actually unable to do a real world test becasue my screen is blown. The computer comes on and there is no noise but i am unable to make it play music becasue there is no screen or input.