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Thread: wireless FM transmitter- good?

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    wireless FM transmitter- good?

    is this thing good or it will sound fuzzy??

    just curious.

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    I have one called an iRock from Radio Shack, looks the same, different stickers. It is okay, not great, but usable, you do need to make sure everything is grounded though or the sound can be downright nasty.

    If you have no Aux input it's worth a try, common view seems to be that hard wired modulators are much better, the old "tape adaptor" is probably between the two, better than this but worse than a wired modulator.

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    Amazon has the belkin tunecast II on sale

    Check Amazon
    today, they have the Belkin Tunecast II on sale, with this one you can tune every station on the FM dial and not be constrained to the 4 pre-programmed ones, I just ordered one for myself.

    It has an auto on-off feature, plus you can set 4 stations as "favorites". But hurry up, this is part of their Friday sale. And you can get free shipping since is above $25
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    That specific brand is garbage. I own one - I ended up buying an SB MP3 external USB card - $40 - $30 on ebay I think... The sound from the FM Transmitter can quickly be interrupted - there is hissing, poor sound, no real lows, etc. The USB Card provides crystal clear quality! I hope that helps.
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    I have scratch that... I had one of that...It's garbage...Stay far far far far far far away from it as much as possible. Oh, did I tell you that it's garbage?

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    A lot of people on the forum use FM Transmitters. About 90% of the posts here regarding FM transmitters are bashing them. And this is another. FM Transmitters will not provide nearly the quality of sound you want, nor the usability.

    If you're going to use your computer to listen to music, you need to get an amplifier. An amplifier will allow you to have better than cd quality sound. Believe me, its quite noticable. Amplifiers also range from cheap to expensive. My first amplifier was about $30, and the sound quality was better than what a head unit would pump out. FM transmitters are something to be avoided.
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    I tried one myself. Tuned it to a quiet place on the dial then drove 15 minutes and another station started cutting in. Tuned to a quite place and drove another 15 minutes and another station started cutting in. Tuned it again and another station cut in in 15 minutes. After a few more tries I finally turned off the pc and stuck in a cd and tossed the fm transmitter when I got home.

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