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Thread: (self powered) USB DTS/5.1 AUDIO Sound card.

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    So if you did have the converter you have now, and you had the choice between the one you have now and the transit, you would still stay with the one you have?
    Yea. It gets the job done cheap. Also no need for additional sound cards and drivers. I would get a seperate card if the mic and line in would get passed through to the spdif. That is the problem that i am having now. This one guy with the same hardware as me says he can do it but he hasn't gotten back with any driver information so as of now i have to use analog for listining to the radio or anyother line in source

    Does the converter you bought on EBAY pass DTS to your AC300ex?
    All it does is convert the 1's and 0s into an optical signal. So whatever you feed into it it will creat an optical signal. the only thing you can feed into it is a COAX digital Signal though. So Yes
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    Hey antimatter,

    Quick question, does the transit come out of hibernate alright?

    - Kyle

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