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Thread: Acura TL 2004 LCD

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    thats a very nice and clean interior! The new TL is the first Acura I have liked in a while.
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    getting ready to buy 04 MT TL so I've been researching the whole carputer idea for this car. I want to get the non-navi TL and put a 7" or 8" touchscreen in place of the stock screen. I don't want to relocate the stock screen, I want to replace it.

    How could I get this system info (AC and stereo) to display on my aftermarket touchscreen? see pic from TLer

    I wouldn't be opposed to having a switch that would let me change inputs (one input would be the stock system and the other would be my carputer)

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    Go Terps! I graduated in '02. Live by nyc now.

    Great interior, check also, there may be someone whose installed a screen there. You should come to sept5th meet.

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