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Thread: quality sound cards for carputer?

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    quality sound cards for carputer?

    Hello all,

    i am in the process of building my carputer but i dont notice too many people talking about a good sound card to use for good mp3/dvd/cd sounding playback.

    im no audiophile so my expectations aren't that high but will something like a SBLive (value!) card + decent quality speaker/sub setup put decent quality sound.

    i have used SBLive on practically all my homebuilt pcs with a wide range of speakers from cheap Yahoo! speakers to a pretty nice Klipse 2.1 to a high end 2.1 from cambridge, they sound ok i guess but this is my for car and i wouldnt mind having something that sounded nice. not just ok.

    but then again im thinking of power consumption for a carputer and my budget as well.

    Any and all advice appreciated =D


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    if possible go external- isolate the sound 'card' from the computer. A self powered USB one will be 'low power consumption'

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    Try to find one with some really flexible drivers. This way you can tweak it to your speaker setup and your preferences.

    I use my motherboard's built in 6 channel audio. It allows me to set the system up for 4 channels for speakers, and two channels for subwoofers. It also allows me to do some tricks with the rear speakers.

    External USB self-powered sound cards are also a very good idea. A lot of people get good sound from the Sound Blaster MP3+ cards.
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