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Thread: Sound deadening in the UK?

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    Sound deadening in the UK?

    Hi, i'm trying to find some decent sound deadening material for the boot and possibly door panels. I'm on quite a tight budget so that non branded roofing stuff would be quite nice. I've read quite a bit about them but i've got no idea where in the UK to get that stuff? Mail order or big DIY stores would be nice.

    If thats not an option then some branded (but not too expensive) stuff would be fine.

    Any suggestions?

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    try b&q, they do a sticky back roofing sealant on a big roll, its not quite as good as dynamat etc. but at the price you cant go wrong, and it adds a nice weighty thump when you shut the doors

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    I know we have a distributor for eDead over in the UK. All butyl based deadening, no asphalt

    I think he sells through
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    You could give this site a try,
    my saab mate bought some of their panels and apparently it controlled all sound really well, including road noise. (also not too pricey)

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