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Thread: Any Suggestions on an aux input radio?

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    I have an Eclipse CD8454, it has a Coaxial in for PCM audio.
    1995 Saturn SL2
    Carputer removed.
    Pioneer DEH-P880PRS head unit
    Soundstream Rubicon 600-4 4 Chan Amp
    Diamond Audio D661s components w/Active Crossovers
    MB Quart RAA1000 monoblock amp
    2 Alpine Type R 1041D 10"s

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    Power Acoustik makes a model called the PADVD-740R that has aux in, dvd, mp3 vcd cdr cdrw etc. and an am/fm tuner built in it; I know that most people wont need the extra stuff in it, but it doesnt hurt when it runs right under $200 anyways; I'm gonna purchase this one for my car and run the dvd and radio off of it, and run everything else off of the computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctris
    Yup .. got one of them too.. only problem I am having is that my radio after a period of time ( not fixed time, sometimes 1 month, sometimes 3 hours) just stops playing alltogether.. well, actually, the sound stops, you can keep on changing channels, to CD and everything else but there is no more sound, If i then disconnect the power and reconnect, it works again, this is only since the Connects2 interface.

    By the way, i would REALLY suggest to get one of these instead of the FM transmitter. I bought one aswell, the good kind for around $ 80, the stereo type with good sound frequency range but still the sound was poor and when driving on holiday I got stations interfearing with the sound ( not to mention it started smoking when I connected the antenna wires wrong but that is a different story ;-) ).. anyway, hooked up the Connects2 and no more issues.. wonderfull stuff

    Sorry to bump this old thread but this a VERY interesting solution for me. I just bought a new car with a premium bose sound system and it has no aux or line input. The sound quality is quite good, but going from the ability to plug in my Creative Nomad mp3 player and having access to over 5000 songs in my old car, to being limited to a six disc CD changer is like stepping into the stone ages. I HATE being limited to only a few CDs.

    This adaptor thing looks like what I'm looking for but there's only one problem....accordng to them the adaptor connects to your CD changer connections in the trunk of the vehicle....Noctris and StevieG....since you guys own one, perhaps you can tell me how am I supposed to utilize the functions on my mp3 player with this thing, if it connects to the CD changer connection in the trunk?. I mean, the purpose for me would be having direct access to the controls on my mp3 player. Can't do that if it's in the trunk....or can you?

    Please clarify.

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