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Thread: New York Hifi Stores

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    Question New York Hifi Stores

    Hi there everybody this is my first post as im new here I an traveling to NY in August from the UK and if any of you have a link for any good car hifi stores in NY could you please post them as I would like to bag a few bargins .

    Thanks THE VIKING

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    I bought a couple of speakers really cheap at And you can pick all the stuff up in the store in NYC.
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    You might check J&R, I have never been to NY, but have bought from them online and they have some good deals. Site is

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    There are tons of stereo shops on Canal St./Chinatown. Can't recommend any though. Most of them a sketchy. Don't know how the return/customer service would be.

    I'm walking over there today during lunch to look for distribuition block.

    I live in hoboken, nj (accross the holland tunnel) for the time being and there is an awesome custom stereo shop. I don't know the name. If you're interested Ill find out. I walked in there and it looked like 'pimp my ride' with tons of tricked out rides.

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    If you could get any web links that would be cool as I could see what they Stock .

    Thanks THE VIKING

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