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Thread: Headunit vs. Amp

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    I use computer --> Clarion EQ/Line Driver --> amps
    So I still have convenience of manual knobs if I want to use them, plus EQing, plus a alternate input for my Noamd Zen... And with the power of the amps you get great sound even under high volume, whereas with a headunit only, sound degrades quickly as you up the volume.
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    I'd Go For a HU

    I've got a Kenwood KDC-W6527 head unit in my car, and at the moment I am more than happy with the sound, it should have been around 300 quid, and I know its a lot for a unit that will primarily be using the aux in, but its features are wicked. I've put a review in the car audio section of this site, so take a bit of time to read it if you want to there are loads of places you could buy one online, letsbuycaraudio dot com or justkenwood couk

    Its loaded with functions, and when I wanna remove the PC, it can play cds with mp3s on them. Its a shame all my archived ones at 128kbp sound like cack.

    At the moment, its ipod-tastic as I have not got enough parts yet to build my baby!

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    Call me stupid, but why not hook up the PC to a headunit (so you've got some degree of control over the sound), and hook up the headunit to amps as per any normal car stereo install? Surely that's the best of both worlds (and what I was planning), or have I missed something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snootch
    Sony's older models (Mobile ES) were nice, and were built with good quality, on par, if not better with Pioneer. Several years ago they replaced Mobile ES with this low-quality line named Xplode, speakers, amps, decks, etc. IMO, all of them are crap, and do just that after less than a year of use... EXPLODE!
    Moral of story: There are lots of better decks out there for the same or a little more $ with much better build quality.

    When you say Y-split, is it a stereo mini-phono jack to 2 RCA's like this?:
    If so, the answer to your question is yes, just run the RCA's to your AUX input on your deck.
    maybe a dumb question but if you use this splitter are you getting true stereo sound? or is it going down to mono?

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    I actually purchased the Stereo hookup.

    When you connect the RCAs to the headunit and the adapter (to a laptop for testing), the sound is very very good. It's stereo quality.

    Just be sure not to get the mono-headphone ones. They look the same at Radioshack, but actually degrade the PC sound.

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