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Thread: anyone who has had their car in an import or any other car show, please help me

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    yes, i am having my friend Travis, put in a carputer for the show. he said that if I can sell five for him, he will give me one free. i figure i have a good chance showing it off at the show and handing out business cards. he has his own businessing selling/installing carputers
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    Hey I'm heading to that show. I'll check your ride out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by binary.h4x
    CAR show, not audio show, so just have all your bling polished up, and the carputer playin some fast and furious
    Exactly. Ever notice that nobody is blasting their 3000W+ system at normal car (import) shows? Because if everybody started doing it.. it would be hell!

    All you need to do is polish the car real well, put up the amp rack for display and as binary suggested, throw some FF2 on. Thats all these shows are about.

    You might need a decent battery to hold your computer the entire day.. but IMHO just get a 12VDC power supply and hook it up to the carputter instead of wiring direct to battery. Thats how i have my system setup, that way when i do huge file copies (while my car sits in the garage) it doesnt drain the battery... I just switch it to 120v with my 12VDC power supply and let it run all night. remote admin is a life saver
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