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Thread: Preouts on carputer?

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    Preouts on carputer?

    I've been reading around on the forums, and everyone is saying how headunits with preouts greater than 2v sound better. For example, Eclipse decks are known for their 4v preouts, and usually produce better sound when used with an amp. Now my question is what kind of voltage comes out of most sound cards? Do they have the 2v or 4v preouts to make everything sound better? I am in the market of buying a soundcard, but i dont want to buy one thats not going to produce good sound when I used my carputer with my Audiobahn A6004t (75W X 4 @ 4 ohms). Thanks.


    By the way my specs are:

    Epia M10000 Mainboard
    512 DDR Ram
    30 Gig Western Digital
    90 Watt Opus
    7 inch Lilliput Touchscreen
    Audiobahn A6004t Amp(Not installed yet)

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    I mentioned this earlier in another thread, does your amp have a gain control for the lin-in? If so you could adjust it accordingly. It will still sound better than an FM modulator.

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    line driver?

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