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Thread: RDS Encoding

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    RDS Encoding

    I was just wondering, has anyone seen any RDS encoders? I am thinking of using an FM Modulator (gasp!) and have an RDS encoder hooked up so the song title/artist will be displayed on the radio screen.
    Just a thought!

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    It's possible to use an RDS encoder to show various information from the song played. RDS encoders are not cheap (cheapest is around 100 ). around, you'll find a lot of diy projects and some mounted. Choose the one that best suits your needs considering that RDS is RDS: they can have a lot of features but youll' need only the 10%, the same that every encoder has.
    You'll need also a plugin for winamp to load the rds encoder data, but there's a lot of resources on rds encoding out there.

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    while doing my research on RDS &TMC i found some home made rds encoders cheaper than 100? but i don t remember url - i searched via google - i'm sure u'll find some too

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