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Thread: Problems Driving Amplifiers

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    Problems Driving Amplifiers

    Has anyone using an M-Audio external USB soundcard for their Car PC applications ran into a problem with minumal volume control? I know that an M-Audio sound card runs about 50 milliwatts of power to the amps, rather than several watts that a deck would lend to the amplifiers. I'm using V12 Alpine MRV-F540 and MRD-M301 amplifiers, they seem to be under driving, more volume that is given to the speakers via the software the more they start losing quality because of it. Anyone found any solutions or even run into this problem? Thanks a lot!

    1997 Audi A4 1.8TQM
    MB Quart/Alpine/Cadence/M-Audio/Lilliput/VIA M10000 Nehemieh

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    Your problem would be that the input voltage to the amps is too low, so therefore they are struggling to amplify such a small signal to what is reasonable loudness without distorting...

    Try a line driver, they aren't particularly expensive and could be a solution.

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