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Thread: Help with 01 Ford Ranger Audio.

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    Help with 01 Ford Ranger Audio.

    Here is the deal,

    Im gonna be ditching my stock headunit and keeping my stock speakers. How can I interface with my audio system without the headunit? It's my understanding that either the headunit was also the amp or the speakers have their own amps built in. I think. How do i install an amp and what do I connect it to?

    If you guys have any ideas they would be greatly appreciated. Im a computer geek, not a car audio one

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    your gonna need to buy a 4 channel amp and run your speaker wires directly to the amp and the computers audio output directly to the amp.

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    You're going to need an amplifier (a small one if you're going to keep the factory speakers). The factory head unit has the amplifier built in to it (Unless it's ford's premium sound system in which case there's an external amplifier buried inside the vehicle somewhere). You'll need to use a 1/8" stereo to RCA cable to connect the PC to the new amplifier and then run wires to the speakers. My recommendation for an amplifier would be no more than 50Wx4 since the factory speakers weren't designed to handle a lot of power. Even at that power rating chances are pretty good that you'll hurt the speakers if you really crank it up. Consider upgrading the speakers if money's not too tight. Even a $50 pair of pioneer coax speakers are going to sound better than the factory speakers

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