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Thread: DIY: wireless headphones

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    tomithy83: This is a little bit out of subject but i will like to know more about your docking station project because i'm also planning to do one. What kind of carputer do you have? C134? Iwill ZPC?

    I have to find a solution for winter (i'm from montreal) and for thiefs...

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    Well you might as well use a FM transmitter then get thoese small $10 digital radio's

    U can get a FM transmitter very cheap and it will transmit 300meters if thats enough.

    grab a small radio like that

    then buy the ransmitter

    That uses a two transistor two stage transmitter which makes sure the radio doesnt drift and outputs clear sound

    mind u im in australia and these are australian things but there will be up there

    and thats very cheap it cost $50 all up also cause its FM only u would pick up the reception in the warehouse plus if anyone does scan and find the music its FM they wont be thinking illegal

    so good luck

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