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Thread: speaker level inputs Vs. pre-amp input.

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    speaker level inputs Vs. pre-amp input.

    On my Pioneer HU I have 1 pre-amp out. I have linked this to my active bass box (Infinity Basslink). I've spliced into the front speaker wire and used this as input on my bridged Pioneer 4ch. amp to drive my front door Kappa 6.5's. The rear door speakers are driven by the amp in the HU.

    To get a good image in the car, the front-rear needs to be adjusted to 60%/40%. But the Basslink corresponds with the rear speakers.
    Now I could just input the pre-amp out from the HU to the pre-amp in on the 4 ch. amp and then take the pre-amp out and lead that to my Basslink.

    What are the pro's and cons of doing this?

    Any thoughts on splicing into the rear speaker connection to connect the Basslink speaker level inputs? (and ditching the rears alltogether)

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    Should be fine to link the line level connectors between all of your devices, as long as they're designed properly and don't inject noise or cause ground loops.

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