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Thread: 5.1 Surround in the car

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    do you ppl really have a center speaker in the car? most cars i know of only have 4 speakers.

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    My tennis teach has a in car setup consisting of a huge subwoofer, alphine headunit, and some speakers and tweeters. No matter how fast he drives or how loud the system gets, there is no noise that does not come from the disk playing. Its all about were you run the wires. Like the first link on google said, make a "sniffer" and don't run the wires over the place with the noise. Also its better to use a single shielded camble instead of 2 shielded cables.

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    I haven't heard of one person compaining about noise.
    I was pointing out that you and your tennis teacher must live under rock somewhere.

    I was mainly picking at this statement and by pointing out a search term for google that you would see why there are so many tutorials and posts of people with this problem.

    So thats great that your tennis teacher has a great system. Many people do but to get there you run into noise problems moreso with analog lines. Digital is cleaner. Also in regaurds to carputers the onboard digital to analog converter is crap so mineaswell leave it in digital form until it can get to the DSP which has a higher end Digital to Analog convertor instead of amplifying the crap. Thats why i notice a difference in sound quality, and thats why people choose to run digital lines, even usb lines from thier trunk to the front. Digital is less suseptable to noise.

    As for the guy who asked about the center channel. Yes I have a center channel and so does anybody else that claims to have a 5.1 setup. Yes stock cars usualy come with 4 speakers. Thats why you have to add a center chanel. I put mine behind and down from my LCD and just cranked the gain a little bit. Sounds great
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    you can add a center channel in the center of the dash of almost any car

    just need to be willing to cut in your dash

    A center speaker makes a HUGE difference for sound.


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    mmm the smell of bondo fills the air...

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    Don't know if this helps.... I'm personally gonna go the half assed analogue outputs to multiple amps (1Xtwo channel for rockford fosgate subs, and 1x 4 channel for front/rear) any way - If you want the functionality of prologic, try matrixmixer from here: It's a DirectShow filter that upmixes from stereo to 5.1 on any audio source. The guy who make this also has an AC3 filter too, check his homepage.

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    Here is a thought which I am going to try.. So I currently have 3 amps.. one for bass, one for front, and one for rear.. The pc runs to the back of my HU and is normal 2 channel. Run 3 rcas from the card directly to the amps. .Add center.. and then hook the HU to the line in on the card.. hence if I want to use the radio I can.. Only pitfall would be the need to have the pc on to use the radio and problem of using a software volume on pc.. but a keyboard with it would be ok.. Want pics of my setup currently? I can post.. 14" screen up front, 19" in the back.. Aspire

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