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Thread: I'm looking for a beefy amp. Comment on this find.

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    youll have to snake it out form under my buddy, though. thats okay, he has too much damn equipment anwyays

    edit: and if you happen to have a spare in dash screen for trade..... its free!

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    personally I'd go with advice from forums rather than termpro, and yeh Zapcos kick ***
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    Holy crap man. Retail on the S10L7 is $350 each. You're going to spend around 1500 bucks on subs but you're looking at a cheap *** amplifier?

    My opinion is you're gonna want two mono amps capable of running 2 ohm (fairly common) and puts out 1200watts each (600watts to each sub). Don't buy up 4 subs and then not get enough power to run them all.... you might as well not get that many subs if that's the case.

    1200watts on a class D amp isn't as insane as it may sound. Thats actually only 600watts into a 4 ohm load. When you cut the resistance down (by adding more subs in parrallel) the power output goes up... IF its a quality amp. Heat goes up and you still need more amperage. Consider about 100 amps to each amplifier.

    The amp in your link does advertise the requisite power output... but its bull****. You asked if the numbers were peak or RMS... if it doesn't actually say RMS, then it isn't RMS. Even if it says average or constant, that doesn't mean RMS.

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    WhiteRabbit - How much you finding a BP1200.1 for that the Brutus cant compete?

    Brutus BX1500D $270 on eBay. (buy it now, with shipping $270)
    500W X 1 @ 4 Ohms / 1000 watts x 1 @ 2 Ohms / 1500 watts x 1 @ 1 Ohm

    Brutus BX2200D $521 on eBay. (buy it now, with shipping $521)
    550W X 1 @ 4 Ohms / 1100 watts x 1 @ 2 Ohms / 2200 watts x 1 @ 1 Ohm

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    brutus cant compete because the sound quality is ****poor compared to the 1200.1.

    quality of the brutus is equal to that of the earthquake D2. and see if the dollar to watt ratio holds between THOSE two models

    reason people think the brutus is better is becuase they were fooled into thinking they need a subsonic filter after a bunch of kids bought pairs of infinity perfect subwoofers and ran them off JBL 1200.1's (after seeing several people running that setup at SQ competition and doing very, very well). the kids cranked the gains and volume and naturally blew the woofers. We need subsonic filters! they are absolutely neccesary to protect the woofers!

    Hifonics was great when they were being made by zed. you can still find zed hifonics out there. the new stuff? we used the new amps on long road trips to warm tortillas as snacks. what a joke.

    that is why the brutus is inferior, despite having more power on paper and a subsonic filter feature.

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    D2 for $260, currently. Ill bet it doesnt go over $350. $200 cheaper, 200 rms less power than that 2200D.

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