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Thread: Amp, 2 x stereo?

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    Amp, 2 x stereo?

    Im looking for a 4ch amp, im going to connect it to my CarPC (EPIA M10000). When im looking att dvd movies its just fine, all four channels get their own signal.
    So far so good.

    But when it comes to mp3 playback, i only (of course) get signal to the front speakers, since the mp3 files only contains stereo sound. I have tried to find an amp where you can change between 2ch and 4ch input, just by a swich or anything. Or mybe a plugin for winamp, so it plays 4ch? (2 x stereo)

    Ive tried googling, but i havent found anything. So i wonder if any of you know?

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    well, first of all, what sound card (or onboard) are you using? usually the software is adjustable. I currently use an audigy board, and use the surround mixer (creative software) to set the 4 speaker setup. This way, i can have discrete 4 channel for movies, and mp3's will play through all speakers also... the surround mixer even has fade adjustability, so i don't have to mess with the amp levels.

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    I use the on board soundcard (VIA VT1616 6 channel AC'97 Codec).
    Via doesnt offer any software like that to it...

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