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Thread: Subs for carputer!

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    is anyone running 2 12's L7 with a carputer, any problems??

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    I seriously recomend resonant engineering subwoofers if you really really really crave for bass.

    I have a modified 15" R.E SE (partially XXX model) and that hit 147.1 dB on its own!!!!

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    good ol SeXXX.

    I hope you never have to deal with RE's customer service. the product is great, but god help you if you need servicing. They treat even their authorized dealers like junk....

    all RE needs is a jerk like matt overpeck, and they will go the route of Audiomobile, mark my words....

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    Guy, hide your subwoofer as much as possible. I put my subwoofer in my trunk at 10pm and then couple hours later i went to my car to get something. I see my window is broken and 15" and 10" mtx and Rockford punch amp all got stolen.. So guy hide your sound system. Yea, they sounds good, but they get stolen very easily. Thanks god that they didn't touch my carputer.

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    Alot of people will tell you caps are bad - or that you should be spending your money where its needed first before investing.

    Alternator upgrades, alternator wiring upgrades (alt to batt, alt to ground, neg of batt to ground)

    I think you should read this post:

    Also search the site on caps, you will see alot of discussions about them - and alot of people dont like them


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    I dont like tweeters. I cant get them to play any bass at all. what a jip.

    I dont like nitrous. I hit that thing at idle, I thought I was going to die. what a waste.

    I dont like dirt bikes. I cant hear music while riding hardly at all. was a worthless piece of transportation.

    I dont like microwaves. I put some pilsbury bread dough in there, the bread tasted like ****.

    I dont like capacitors, my car voltage never bumped up to 14 volts, and the battery died all the time.

    I dont like alternators, my lights still dim at idle.

    I dont like batteries, I put four deep cycles in my car, my lights still dim!

    I dont like non deep cycle batteries, I replaced the deep cycles with regular ones, ran them dead three times at the drive-in, and now they dont hold a charge!

    Its so easy to hate something if people dont use them correctly, or for their intended use! And it certainly doesnt help with online communities spreading lies about their true function! Couple that with brick and mortar workers that dont explain their true function, becuase, to be completely honest, the customers they taylor to dont give a damn. and if anyone says they do, they are lying.

    Another great source for the cap-alt-battery debate is

    Explains the basics of each's true function, along with a suggested order for upgrade, to get actual monetary and performance benefit from each.

    I also dont like sex, she told me to put it in the butt, and we STILL cant get her pregnant. I want a child so bad!

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