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Thread: Has anybody Pioneer DEH-P9600MP?

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    Has anybody Pioneer DEH-P9600MP?

    I just ordered one and wondered where could i download those
    screensavers and visual backgrounds?

    And like to get some comments about that HU...

    Did i make a good choise or wasted my money?
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    I had (just sold cus I'm going headless) the P960 (the premier version) that is almost identical to the 9600. Very good hu. I don't believe you will be dissapointed. As for the screensavers can't you get them right off the Pioneer site?

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    Last I checked, Pioneer had a few (you need the Link Kit to upload them to the HU, at least my 940MP did). I just made my own with the software. Wasn't too hard.
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    Thanks for reply...
    I get it tomorrow from UPS

    How good is auto equalizer and time alignment?
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    I used to have a 7400mp. That was a sweet HU. Loved the independant bass control and equilizer.

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    Got mine last friday and it's SWEEET!!

    Any other happy owners?
    There is so much to learn if compare to my old HU DEH2xxx
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    I have the 9200R, I love it.
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