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Thread: Pro Logic vs digital surround sound

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    Pro Logic vs digital surround sound

    To those who have experience, what's the difference between Pro Logic decoding and digital surround sound ?

    My headunit now have Pro Logic which would seperate a stereo source into 5.1 channel. How does it sound when compared with Digital 5.1 surround sound ?

    For example, if I am watching a DVD with my computer and I set the computer to have stereo output. The stereo output will then go into the AUX IN for my headunit. Then my headunit will use Pro Logic to seperate the stereo sound from the computer into 5.1 channel. How will that sound different then just digital 5.1 surround sound ?

    People with experience please help !

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    It is a different logic!!!
    Digital 5.1 has also stereo on the surround speakers!!!
    The decoding is done digitally and the sound is more "live"!!!!
    You cannot understand if you don't hear it!!

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