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Thread: Kenwood DDX7015 with CarPC?

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    Kenwood DDX7015 with CarPC?

    I just got a new 04 Pontiac GTO and I was planning on getting a Kenwood DDX7015. Now that I discovered this site I want to get an in-car PC too. I was wondering if a DDX7015 could be used as a display for any type of in-car PC?

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    Only the Composite In/AV In can be used of that head unit - meaning that you will not be able to read the text on the monitor the display unless your font size is huge. In dash units (flip ups or double dins) are not VGA and thus are not high res enough to read text in Windows.

    Do a search and you will find more answers to the questions you will probably follow up with. Other than that, enjoy this site.


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