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Thread: Pioneer XM Tuner problems

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    Pioneer XM Tuner problems

    So I have been working on my first carputer over the past two weeks. I have a Pioneer DEH-P3500 HU with a GEX-P910XM XM Tuner. I got the adapter to have an RCA aux input into my HU. but when i plugged it in, the right chan. dont work. I exchanged the adapter, same problem. when i plug the adapter straight into the HU instead of thru the XM tuner, i get nice clean stereo. So I am assuming that this is a problem with the IP-Bus input on my XM tuner. Pioneer wants me to send it up to New York (i'm in Florida) to get it repaired, and wait 3-6 weeks. I was wondering if anybody has had a problem like this, or knows an easy way to fix it without sending it across the country.

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