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Thread: Newbie Radio Question

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    Newbie Radio Question

    I'm retarded - but if I have a laptop I'm running the mediaengine off, what hardware will I need to make it able to recieve radio? Will the AverMedia USB Radio work? Thanks.

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    Okay noob

    Here is the down low.... if you don't want to get flamed or the imfamous use of these smileys then i suggest you make use of a simple search. There is tons of information here.

    I am feeling pretty good so here is the answer to your question:

    There are no suitable in car radios as of yet. Seth is working on a radio that will be up to par with the headunit and i am waiting for that. In the mean time the best reception is the Hauppauge Wintv FM and TV tuner (and the most expensive)

    Others use RadioXtreme(ly crappy pooppy pants). I have this one and it sucks but is better than the Dlink crap.
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