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Thread: Sport Trac Carputer with factory HU

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    Using a laptop w\ docking station as carputer???

    I am trying to set up my carputer. I'm gonna have to make it work with the pieces that I already have. Here's what I got:
    Sport Trac factory HU - Pioneer with in-dash 6 disk changer...
    like this:

    There is an available input in the back of the stereo.
    like this:

    This is a 20 pin female connector.
    Question 1-3 = Do they have an adapter for this input that I could buy, or is this even an input? Do I need to splice into one of the other plugs?
    If someone had some type of schematic for this particular stereo they would be my idol.

    The other portions that I have that I want to make work are as follows:
    I have a dell laptop. I wanted to use this in conjunction with a docking station that I obtained for it. I was thinking I could mount the docking station somewhere out of the way, under the rear seats maybe, and that way I could easily remove the computer. I will be getting a secondary touch screen monitor to mount up front somewhere.....
    Questions 4-5 = Has anyone done this sort of thing (using a laptop and docking station), and if so in a Sport Trac (or Explorer)? Also, any preferences on where to mount the puter and touch screen?

    I welcome all suggestions/comments.
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    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I've looked around, but have found no resources to help.
    Anyone know where else to look?

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    I have the same vehicle and stereo. You cant use it with anything except an FM transmitter and they suck.My advice would be to sell it and get a HU with aux in.
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