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Thread: Addon to Stock radio

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    Addon to Stock radio

    I have a stock radio in my car, with a CD player. I dont know much about car audio, but i pulled the HU out. I notice there is the typical plug (24 wires) and the antenna out. There is also another plug (12 wires) that is unused. My HU has a CD/Aux button. Can I tap that existing input from my carputer?

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    Here: One of these will work.
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    The PIE GM12-AUX should work. However you need an XM/CD changer ready Head Unit to use it. If this is the case it should do exactly what you're looking for.

    PIE Application Guide:

    I got my GM9-AUX for my 2000 Silverado here:
    They seemed to be the cheapest. Haven't installed it yet, but PIE said it should do exactly what I want it to when I e-mailed them

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