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Thread: So I have decided to change out my factory speakers for something a little better.

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    Yeah, this is problematic. Basically, your entire factory system is designed to be compatible only with itself. It seems you've already found that out. Here's the thing. That Sony deck is only gonna be able to run four speakers so if you get new ones you're kind of bumming as you miss out on the 10 speaker system. I've heard that system before and I was pretty impressed. Had a guy with that exact system come in with a deck that couldn't play CDs and I had to tell him he was basically screwed. Way too much money to get a new factory deck that will work and terrible sound if you get an aftermarket deck. That system just isn't gonna work. So if I was you I would find a way to maintain my factory radio if at all possible. It will be cheaper and sound very good. You will need to spend a bit of money to have an aftermarket stereo that sounds like that. Just my .02.

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    oh- and another thing- some factory systems come with all the speaker -ves wired together. I tried to use that with my pioneer HU - and it was absoloute crap.
    Wired again differently, (properly) and it ran sweetas.

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    I second that diss on sony
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