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Thread: WRX Nakamichi Deck

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    WRX Nakamichi Deck

    Hello all,

    This would be my first post here but I've been frequenting these boards for a while. I toasted part of my Kenwood deck that I had in my 02 WRX when I grounded the positive wire plugging my computer back in. Now I need to replace not only the computer and LCD panel, but the deck as well. I have been looking into the Nakamichi CD-400 as a replacement. Since it's a single DIN I would like to mount it above where the gauge pod usually resides. The problem is, the wires won't reach. I have a wiring harness from the stock connector to a universal connector and then from the universal connector to the Kenwood connector. Does anyone sell extenders for that universal harness so I don't have to chop it up and spend hours soldering more length into the cable? I've called around to various car audio installers and they just tell me to bring it in.

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    Dude, it wouldn't take hours to extend it & that has to be the most logical choice here. If your leary about performing it yourself, then do bring it in to any stereo shop that is willing to do it for you, just INSIST that it is soldered & not twist & tape or any sort of crimp connectors.

    If you wanted to be extremely annal about it, request shrink tubing & solderable crimps, this is actually a factory type method & if you searched for a custom made piece for your application(which you would never find anyway) it might very well be assembled that way anyway, but that is a little overkill for something no one will ever lay eyes upon.

    Personally I would eliminate the double conversion anyway & just have a harness built that would include the factory interface plug on one end & the head unit on the other, eliminating those universal plugs anyway, every push in connector in line adds resistance, which is not a good thing in itself, hope this helps....

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